It Pays to Recycle at a bottle return depot in Calgary

Bottle Return Depots in Calgary

Trail Bottle Depot
How Do I Know Which Beverage Containers to Save?
In Alberta, the majority of ready-to-drink beverages are included, with the exception of oil-based coffee creamer containers. When you finish a carton of milk or a bottle of juice, don’t throw the container into the trash! You’ve paid a deposit on that container, and we’ll refund that deposit when you recycle with our bottle return depots in Calgary.

Refundable Containers

Trail Bottle Depot

Return Rates

Trail Bottle Depot
See our rates below.

  • All Plastic, Glass, Gable Top, Bi-Metal and Tetra Pak Containers under 1 Litre: $0.10 Each, Greater than 1 Litre: $0.25 Each
  • Drink Pouches and Poly Cups: $0.10 Each
  • Wine in a Box/Bag in a Box: $0.25 Each
  • Aluminum Cans: $0.10 Each
We accept the following containers:
• Plastic Drink Bottles
• Plastic Jugs, Poly Cups and Bottles
• Aluminum Cans
• Polycoat Containers
• Bag-in-a-Box and Juice Pouches
• Glass Bottles
• Other Metal Cans
• Dairy Containers

Also view the Beverage Container Recycling Guide offered by BCMB.

Refillable Beer Bottles
If returning in a box, tuck tabs in and make sure case is dry and free of debris. We accept Brown/Green/Clear Domestic Bottles.

If you have any questions about what we accept for recycling, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll see you in the centre soon!